Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Swap With Elaine (AKA yourexjuliet)

Took me awhile to put up this blog due to the fact that I was moving and I didn't have internet access for the whole month of January. But I am back ! Glad I was able to write this post on the things I've got from my good friend Elaine. You guys should go check out her channel and as well as her blogs. She's amazing and I love her to pieces. She has already made a blog post on what I had gotten her awhile ago. Go check it out if your interested in seeing what Ive gotten her. 

Elaine, myself and along with three other girls have gotten together to collab as well as doing swaps amongst ourselves. #TeamSunnies. Shoutout to my lovelys <3. I will link all their info at the very end of this blog. So, yes that means more swaps and blogs about it. Aside from the wonderful experience Ive gain but I have great friends around different part of the world now. Thats amazing and they're amazing :) !

Alright here is what the beautiful Elaine gotten me :)

(click on this picture to see a bigger version)

EOS Hand Lotion - Berry Blossom

Comforter Bubble Bar

I love everything Elaine got me and I can't wait to try them all :) Thank you so much Elaine! 

Check out Elaine & the other girls I mentioned. 


  1. Those lush goodies make me drool! =p hehe thanks for featuring us #team sunnies on your blogpost,Sunflower!<3 I didn't know you even uploaded our profile pics! =D Great post overall!

  2. what a nice swap! the lush items seem so nice! i love doing swaps! i did one not too long ago!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by to check out this blog :) Yeah I agree, I love swaps as well! Thats awesome, hope you got a lot of wonderful goodies.

  3. What's cookin' good lookin'? Love this blog and looking forward to seeing more swap blogs from you, hehe. Such an exciting even amongst all of us! Love you and see you on Friday m'darlin! This reminds me that I still need to finish uploading my video, lol. <3