Sunday, May 6, 2012

Swap with ItsPrettyInPeach - Australia

Finally, my last swap with one of the girls on Team Sunnies :). Which is Mandy also known as
ItsPrettyInPeach on Youtube. Here are the things that she have gotten me. 

Awhile back Mandy did a giveaway for her reaching 1000+ subscribers and I was one of the person that won that giveaway, so this was one of the prize. I told her it was okay for her to send me the giveaway prizes later when we do the swap.  So these facial mask was part of those prizes.

The thing I wanted most from this swap was the Inglot palette that Mandy kindly enough to get for me. Inglot use to not be available here in the states but they became really known and popular through the blog and youtube community within the past few years. They opened a store in New York and I believe thats the only store available here in the US, but they do have a online store. I live in California so I never got around to purchasing and trying out Inglot. Those are the five shades I choose and I love them. 

Mandy got me some Austie brands for me to try out - DB Designer Brands, Sportsgirl and NP.

I never really heard of Napoleon Perdis until Mandy had mentioned it to me. I did some research on it and to find out we also have some Napoleon Perdis products here in the states. It's only exclusive to Target stores for those who are wondering. You might not recognize it due to that fact that the packaging might be slightly different and the label usually just has the initials "NP" and thats all. ;) 

The Napoleon Perdis Primer is also the other giveaway prize that I won. 

Majority of the products was put in this cute tiny makeup bag by Shu Uemura.

She put in some samples for me to try as well.

This Bronzer by Sportsgirl is huge and I actually really like it. Not too orange on my skin.

Thanks Mandy for all these goodies you got me for our swap. I hope you love and enjoy the things I got you. 


Itsajenthing - Jenn AKA 'Sunrise'

Yourexjuliet - Elaine AKA 'Sunbird'

Celinangel - Lyn AKA 'Sunbunny'

ItsPrettyInPeach - Mandy AKA 'Sundae'

Click here to see what I got Mandy:

Part 1: Things I got Mandy.

Part 2: Things I got Mandy

Click here to see what Mandy got me:

Things Mandy got me

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